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Universal Double seal system with the structure of S 3000 5-chamber has everything you As much as your windows. The special arrangement of chambers and a number of cross guarantee sztegi start, but the technical properties. Isolation cieplan comes off very well what static profiles and corners very good stiffness. Smooth inside notch frame has no edge, where it could collect dirt and makes cleaning the windows in this section.

S 3000 with the seal resistance with a depth of 62 mm, was designed taking into account all uses in the production of windows. There are exceptionally easy processing. In particular, this means same for the steel reinforcement frames and sashes, the same holes for the posts and crossbars, as well as dowels, which are identical cutters wedged into posts and crossbars and the same cutters zaczyszczania frames and sashes.

Anyone who values the attractively designed interior will choose the window from the system S 3000 with a rounded wing and glazing bead. Avoid the soft contours of schematic solutions and give your interior a sophisticated taste and elegancyÍ. Face and perfectly formed lines routed aesthetic elevation.

The S 3000 has a different wing profiles: as niezlicowanej, pů≥zlicowanej, as well as decorative zlicowanej five-core variants of the profiles of the respective frames.

A particular variant of the S 3000 is a system of decorative profiles. Designed primarily for private housing is found in many different forms. Special versions of the wings of the narrow surfaces and harmonious rounding licowymi allow the construction of filigree windows - mostly in conjunction with moving bars.

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