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We offer you, and industrial garage doors in a wide range of proposals. These are products made to order, which allows for full adjustment of their properties to the individual needs of customers.Our proposed garage doors open in an easy way even for manual startup. This is possible thanks to very carefully thought-spring tension system. Hand-operated garage doors are closed with a steel lock with automatic ratchet.Comfort operating in all weather conditions provide modern automation with remote control, which also provides the possibility rozblokowania drive from outside, and the event of failure or outage. Sectional garage doors are very modern solutions. The entire structure is made of galvanized material, extremely resistant to corrosion.Garage doors are filled with polyurethane foam that provides excellent insulation material for heated garages. Standard gates are available in white or brown. On special request, you can choose any RAL color. Garage doors with horizontal can be fitted or fully glazed windows.Offered by our garage doors are sealed around the perimeter, and between the panels which make up the mantle of the gate.

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Stema s.c - Producent Okien i Drzwi PCV oraz Aluminiowe. Stema s.c posiada biura w takich miastach jak Zduńska Wola (Polska), Norrkoping (Szwecja), Frankfurt nam Manem (Niemcy). W ofercie STemy oprócz okien i drzwi PCV oraz Aluminium znajdą Pańśtwo również okna dachowe, bramy garażowe, rolety zewnętrzne oraz pełen asortyment - parapety, moskitiery, rolety, żaluzje. W zakresie usług Stemy s.c możecie Państwo skorzytać z regulacji, pomiarów, naprawy, wyceny okien lub drzwi oraz całego asortymentu. Wykonaliśmy do tej pory mnóstwo realizacji na terenie Polski (województwo łódzkie) oraz Szwecji i Niemiec. Zapraszamy do skorzystania z oferty Stemy s.c.

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